Monday, February 11, 2008

Horse Shoer Day

It's funny how I have the sweetest little mare you could ever ask for, until the shoer comes. Oh she does what is asked of her, but she squares herself up, then tenses up every muscle in her body. I barely recognize her face, there's all these veins and mucsles popping out all over. She looks as if she's grinding her teeth and she puts her head down like she is going to blow straight up like a bucking horse. Every chance she gets she switches her tail, as if she's aiming for my poor farriers face.
I spend the whole time trying to keep her head up, so the farrier doesn't blow out his back, and doing little things to help distract her. My finger nails turn black from scratching all over her head and neck. Today she took to licking my hand. That helped for about 2 minutes.

Then there is Pumpkin are little 28 year old pony. She just stands there perfectly, as if this happens everyday. It's quite a contrast between the two.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Ballerina Chicken

Ballerina spends her days laying beautiful brown eggs on top of my horses' hay bales. She likes her breakfast AFTER her morning egg routine. If it's the other way around, she will let you know of her immense displeasure. The reason for this is she believes she is the BEST chicken, the most FAVORITE. After all she is the only chicken allowed to free range, all the time. And the best chicken always eats before the more lowly chickens.
After her breakfast she visits with her good friend, Tom Turkey. If he comes out, she likes to make an appearance around the whole barn yard with him at her side. It's good to have friends in high places.
After pecking and scratching in all the best spots, sometimes she is left with nothing better to do. That's when she will donate her time to making the other chickens look "just so". Ballerina loves her charity work, even if she is not appreciated.
Here is Marbles' new hair do. Ballerina calls it "The Wedge"
This here is her next unsuspecting client, if she could just get close enough, he might get "The Wedge" too.
Here Blue is checking out his new profile. Ballerina tried something new, leaving it a little longer in the front.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Spring is Getting Closer. hehe I'm Back!!

I just found my blog again. I don't know what happened to me. Wait a minute, yes I do, my HUSBAND! God bless him. One fateful day last Fall, hit me with the news, that he didn't want to be a farmer anymore. Since then I have been frantically changing my life to accomodate him.

To make a long story short (that probably would have made an exciting blog). My son is now in kindergarten and I have been caught up in a series of interviews with the hospital. First I started at the community college, when a math class kicked my butt. Then I decided to just apply for a nursing assistant job and go from there. Usually jobs are kicking down your door if you even mention you might, maybe want to be a CNA. But not at the hospital. There are 80 people competing for 10 spots. Do you know how hard it is to think of a reason why you want to be a CNA? NObody wants to be a CNA .

My first interview:

Interviewer: "What did you like about being a CNA?"

Me: Blank stare as I remember back to gaping bed sores, diarrea, urine bags, scary old women, dirty old men and the smells, Oh the smells. " Um, I like working with people" Oh crap, why did you say that? think of something else fast! " Well um at the nursing home, alot of people didn't have families, so I liked making them feel good about themselves, by taking the time to really listen and sometimes just by offering a smile" Ha! Take that!

Interviewer: Why do you want to enter the work force again?

Me: I don't. " Oh um, my kids are getting older and I am bored with staying at home"

Interviewer: "Ok thank you, we'll get back to you."

Me: Smiling, while thinking to myself just hurry up and tell me if I'm going to be wiping butts or not!!!

I have to wait until sometime after the 12th to see if I get to do another interview.

In the meantime my husband might be OK with staying on the farm if he can work at the fire station in town too.

I promise I will keep you all posted!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Fall is Getting Closer

The lambs have all been butchered and 3 turkeys. We have a mating pair left, named Popeye and Olive. Farm Boy leaves for bow hunting on Friday. I hope he gets something, I miss our game meat. Grocery store hamburger is disgusting.
I sold my last 3 Aracauna hens today. The lady put them in a box next to her dog in the car. The dog tore open the box and pulled feathers out. My poor hens, I took my money and went inside.
I'm going to put in an order of chicks. I don't think there will be any until Feburary though. Buff laced polish, crevecoeurs and sultans.

I started my own antique junk booth in an antiques and collectible mall. I set up yesterday and had so much fun. I have more stuff to add to it tomorrow. My house is getting easier and easier to clean. I hope I make a little extra money, for my horse addiction. Well the laundry is calling my name.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Poor Baby

We were at Grandma's house with the dog's riding in the back of my truck (it's all on the same farm). I have an extra cab chevy with the back doors that open backwards. I was putting stuff in the back seat and my sweet pup Dollie was leaning out over the edge of the truck bed, trying to see what I was doing. When I shut the back door I heard this weird screaming sound. I looked to see what the heck it was. Dollie had her lip stuck in the crack of the door, where the hinge would be. It took me a second to figure out what the heck was going on and open the door again. Poor dog I tried to comfort her, but she just wanted to play. There wasn't any blood or swelling. What are the chances?
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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I caught it again!

Horse Fever!
I seemed to be slowly recovering, when I had my children. But I started riding every Friday morning with the neighbors. And then I got a free VIP pass to a rodeo with one of my best friends. It was all just too much. It's back with a vengence. I can't stop thinking about horses. HELP!!!!

We are leasing a little mare to teach the kids to ride. We're going to meet her tomorrow night. She is a 14 yr old fjord named Fria. My friend is moving her horse next month and then we will bring her home. I'm hoping at least one of my kids gets horse fever too. I'm doing everything I can to expose them. hehe I need a riding partner.

I'm selling off everything I own to put my QH through training this winter. I hope by next year we are doing some penning and gaming. I hope the kids will be ready to move up to a POA also.

Well a lady is coming to buy some chickens tonight, I better get ready.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Guess What's Making a Nest Behind the Barn?


A Stinkin BALD EAGLE! What am I supposed to do with my 4 OUTSIDE kitties?

The tallest tree is where she's making her nest. The barn is right underneath it.
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As anyone ever dealt with this before? We have lambs, turkeys, and dogs too!

Let the Swathing Begin

My new job on the farm is beck n' call girl for Farm Boy. I can't go anywhere, because he might need a pepsi, or bacon and egg sandwhich, or want me to check his e-mail, or ?????? Swathing season is here. That means Farm Boy gets to go around and around for hours lost in his own thoughts. He contemplates life, plans hunting trips, and thinks of new toys he has to have. Yesterday, he almost ran over a nest of baby hawks and wanted me to take them home in a box, it's a good thing I was pickin' up the kids at Grandma's and couldn't. (Don't worry, He moved the nest over and the mama found them.)

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I really don't mind my new job and every once in awhile he does come up with a pretty good idea.

Rabbit, It's What's for Dinner

Why couldn't I have married a doctor or lawyer or even a construction worker? Nope, I married a farmer that requested this for dinner:
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I wonder which one this was? I hope it wasn't the one with the gray nose.